During the 2021 Rotterdam Month of Architecture, Cross Comix organised Rotterdam op de tekentafel. A pop-up group exhibition in the heart of the Central Station. Showcasing artworks of fifteen Illustrators from Rotterdam specially made for the occasion.

For my contribution to the exhibition I made an illustration of Rotterdam architectural icon and monumental building Het Witte Huis (The White House) designed by Architect Willem Molenbroek. Which at the time (1898) was the highest office building in Europe and one of the only buildings to miraculously have survived the WW II German bombings.

The reason of my choice was that even though the building is currently surrounded by skyscrapers, high rises and other architectural masterpieces of the 20th and 21th century, it still remains an eye catcher in the Rotterdam skyline.  

Later an adapted version of the artwork was used as cover illustration for Rotterdam Stripstad, a reference book  containing  of everything that connected comics and the city of Rotterdam in the past 100 years, created by Sander Theo Seesing, Robert van der Kroft and Sander Grip. Which later received the Stripschapspenning for best book of 2022 in the category info/integral.

Original illustration created for the Cross Comix X AIR pop-up exhibition Rotterdam aan de Tekentafel

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