During my internship at Shosho Amsterdam, the studio was working on multiple projects for the National Military Museum. One of the projects was a 360 film about the history and warfare techniques of dutch military expeditions, that would be projected inside a dome shaped projection room to make the audience feel as if the were present at the battle scenes themselves.   
The actors seen in the movie where shot in front of a blue screen and edited in the shots later on in the process. It was my task to create the backgrounds digitally as matte paintings in photoshop, for which I used more or less a photo- and texture bashing technique, done over a rough sketch on a 360 image perspective grid. For the skies we used 360 degree photos.  

Background for a scene set in Afghanistan. In the final film Dutch soldiers on patrol are surprised by gunfire coming from the mountain on the other side of the valley. 

Background for a scene set in Lebanon, at a UNIFIL Dutchbatt checkpoint. Soldiers, cars and sentry roughly edited in as reference.      

Background for the battle at Ypenburg during The Second World War. In this scene we're sitting beside one of the anti-air gunners while German warplanes fly overhead attacking the Dutch ground forces and dropping massive amounts paratroopers. 

Background for the Indonesian war for independence. Dutch KNIL soldiers are ambushed by Indonesian Guerilla Fighters and use mortars to return fire.

Background for The Siege of s'-Hertogenbosch. Duch Soldiers in the trenches during the siege. Again the actors are roughly added in for reference.   

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