Het Huis van Giraf
Giraf's house
Kangaroo and Giraf are friends. Giraf lives in a much bigger house than Kangaroo, but is that really so much nicer? 'Het huis van Giraf' is an eductional children's book for infants, that teaches them about friendship and moving (in).

We were asked to create 12 illustrated spreads, a book cover and a separate pre-teaching spread with an overview of Giraf's house. Besides the printed version we also brought the book to life in an animated version of approx. 12 min. for a smartboard.  

In Kangaroo's house we have hidden some Australian elements as in the interior of Giraf's house where we used more African influences. We tried to give the book a more modern and playful look to take the schoolbook look to a more present-day level.

Written by Marianne Busser & Ron Schroder

Boek trailer

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