A detailed, comic style, high contrast, black and white illustration of a canon analog camera with a zoom lens, mounted on a Snaiper (rifle like) grip. With "click, click, click" in white bold, italic capital letters on a black background behind it.
Black and white illustration of a senior lady dressed in a pink rain coat wearing big sunglasses and gold jewelry, wile riding a pink kids bike. urban black and white background. In yellow subtitles: "Rebel without a pause" by Public Enemy plays.
Black and white illustration of a head (side view) wearing a feminine venetian mask with red lips.
Black and white illustration of a couple riding a dirt bike over salt flats. the girl on the back of the motorcycle in sitting in reverse with an uzi hanging from her shoulder. she is wearing a sky mask halfway over her face while she put's on lipstick. Behind them they are dragging a man in a business suit holding a briefcase cuffed to his wrist across the dusty plain.
High contrast black and white illustration of a skull inside a 90's motorcycle helmet, standing upright on the floor.
night time. Cupid snorting cocaine from a mirror on his desk, lit by the light of his computer screen, within the  interior of an expensive looking executive office, with windows overlooking the skyline of the city. Above cupid there is a large Tinder logo hanging from the wall.

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