Oil on linnen | 100 x 160 cm | 2022
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Nachtdieren (Nocturnal Animals) is the winning master piece for the Dutch television program Project Rembrandt 2022. This painting was exhibited in the Rijksmuseum and will be exhibited again in august 19th at Beautiful Distress gallery in Amsterdam.

Nocturnal Animals
Being young and being allowed to be young: How will this be possible in a future when social restriction and control may likely apply again, perhaps even more so than now? The housing crisis is totally out of control and many young people have no other options than to occupy vacant office buildings. A group of young people get caught doing this. The criminality of their action and other risks notwithstanding, they still decide to meet up and party. And for good reason, for what is life without each other. 

Nocturnal Animals in the honorary gallery of the Rijks Museum during Project Rembrandt
picture by: Remon Rijper

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